Range of Custom in-ear monitors.

LE2 Dual armature design (Single Low, Single High)
Sensitivity: 111dB @ 1mW
Impedance: 37Ohm (@1000Hz)

[389€ - basic finish version]

LE3 - Triple armature design (Single low, Single Midrange, Single High)
Sensitivity: 109 dB/mW
Impedance: 46 Ohm (@1000Hz)

[529€ - basic finish version]

*Now also available in warmer tuning with extended bass capability (LE3B)

Reshelling service - providing custom shell for your universal IEM's (notice that not your IEM must use Balanced Armature transducers).
[149€ - basic finish version]

Basic finish version means monitor made in one of our basic colors (translucent, black, white, red, blue). To add some personal touch to their finish you can choose some custom finish options.

Additional custom finish options:

Simple artwork (add 20€ )

Advanced artwork  (add 30€)
Laser engraving (add 30€)
Wooden faceplates (add 60€)
Carbon fiber faceplates (add 60€)
Different shell colors (add 20€)
Different faceplates colors (add 20€)
Custom color (add 30€)

Spare cable: clear/black/white/beige (add 30€)

Carrying case (25€)


All of our monitors are brought to you in crushproof, waterproof and dustproof case with set of necessary accessories.**

All of our monitors are brought to you with detachable 3,5mm gold-plated jack cable.**



*Prices do not include shipping costs. Contact us for specific custom finish options.

**This doesn't apply to reshelling service. For reshelling we will use both cable and package provided by customer, still it's possible to purchase our cable (compatibile with most of the CIEM's on market) and carrying case for additional charge.

***Specifications are subject to change without notice.