“Aether is the kind of monitor that makes all types of music sound good, it’s engaging, has great imaging and sounds musical.”
“For a 5 driver, it is sublime.”


“Very big soundstage, amazing imaging qualities, endless details with intact musicality”


„The Aether is one of the occasions I find it does punch above its price class, and easily contends with the TOTL level priced around $1600.”


„Perfecty balanced signature, well-done and beautiful treble, smooth and rich from top to bottom, most natural timbre ever heard of an iem. ”


“And yes, there is nothing quite like the Aether’s Treble.”

“Count the Aether among one of these- a rare spot on my ‘personal favourites’ list.”


Model X

X has become one of my easy-recommendations for everyone looking for a custom monitor in the sub 1000$ region or that does it all and that can adapt to your preferences.


” The core presentation of the Model X is primarily musical in nature with a slightly u-shaped frequency curve though the extent of the response bias depends on the switch position.”

“Whilst I have heard plenty of switch implementations before this is probably one of the best bass tunings on a switch I have heard thus far.”



“From an audiophile standpoint, the switch goes from a revealing reference sound to a powerful fatigue-free sound, and from a pro standpoint the change goes from a stage monitor to a reference monitor.”


“Lime Ears is off to a very good start with their first flagships.”